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  1. Why did we start this website?
  2. We started this website because we recognise how bad our environment has become. We wanted to stand out aand stand up for our cause.

  3. How will you be able to help the enviroment with this movement?
  4. We hope to increase the awareness of environment issues among everyone who reads our page, and encourage each of us to take the initiative to help. Some small steps can be found in the "How Can You Help" page. Money donated in the donation page will be used for initiating larger scale operations, such as planting trees in a plot of land, clearing trash in litter-filled lands.

  5. What is the meaning of "Environmentality"?
  6. Environmentality is a word play combining 'environment' and 'mentality'. With an aim to raise awareness for the environment, we combined it with mentality, as our initiative mindset comes from training our minds to be thoughtful of the environment.

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